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Product Description

Product Description

This paper making machine is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws and very small paper tubes. It integrates raw material feeding, guling, winding and cutting on one time.
The man-machine interface is a touch screen, adopted with PLC controller, simple setting and convenient operation.
main motor is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation; touch screen man-machine interface. Easy for parameters setting & operating.
Cutting section adopted with numerical multi-blades cutting system, can make any size paper straw, like the size 6mm,8mm,10mm,etc.
Servo synchronous tracking cutting system makes it high precision and multi-blades cutting makes time-saving efficiency.
Machine body and main spare parts made of stainless steel. Ensure the hygiene and environmental protection of the products.


1: Machine adopt PLC control and human-machine interace operation, more convinient

2: Machine adopt servo motor equipped with variable frequency speed regulation,more stable

3: Blade section adopt numerica multi-blades cutting control, higher effiency

4: Cutting device adopt servo, higher precision

5: Rotay knife cutting, surface more smoothly.

6: Online multi cutter, save labor and time

7: Machine supply of lubricant auto, save time